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Welcome to SAIOD
Welcome to the Shadow Alliance of Independent Organisations and Darths, aka S A I O D.

We are a friendly PVE and casual-roleplaying Guild, our aim is to futher our influence and power over the Galaxy


After the events of the Treaty of Coruscant
, many Sith Lords and Admiral's started to get anxious of the peace treaty, fearing that the peace will last and their lust for war would go unsatisfied they started to plan against their Empire and take control for themself. Seven Dark Lords of the Sith took control of this movement that would be called "the Shadow Alliance of Independent Organisations and Darths" aka SAIOD, in a short amount of time they gatherd a large force of allies, both inside the empire and outside it. SAIOD was almost ready to make their move against the empire to seize control with brutal force when out of nowhere the Seven Sith Lords that commanded SAIOD where assassinated. It is not Know how or where it happend, or by whom did the deeds, but in just a few moments after the event that had transpired an sith apprentice from one of the Seven Sith Lords siezed all command over SAIOD. Most belived that the former apprentice, now a powerfull Sith Lord had assassinated the former leaders, but no prouf had been found. Right after he had taken command he removed those who had wanted most to rebel against the Empire and instead started to get its imperial members into higher positions in the empire, and those outside the sith empire also graduately became more influencial in their business.


the Shadow Alliance of Independent Organisations and Darths works mostly from the shadow, having become a large unseen power it's focus has shifted from being a revolting
faction to becomeing a corrupt power hungry major powerbase inside the empire, knowing that they will not win a coup d'etat , they are taking it slow, waiting for every opertuninty to futher their aims of power. After several years SAIOD's leadership have shifted to Darth Malo'rath, it is not known if he is the same sith who assassinated the the original seven sith leaders, but under his leadership all plans of revlot have been crushed and instead of SAIOD's original revolutionary purpose it has become a force that only hunger's for power.

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